Auditions: The Ladykillers

Performance Dates: May 30th to June 2nd 2018



Mrs. Wilberforce likes to report suspicious behaviour to the police. Unaware of her reputation, the dapper thief Professor Marcus rents rooms in the elderly widow's home for himself and his band of cohorts. Posing as a string quintet, the thieves pull off a bank robbery, but slip up in front of the old woman as they try to escape. They are agreed that they need to murder her, but can they actually pull it off..?



Auditions will be held on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st February, with rehearsals starting 26th February. The auditions will take place in the Townley Hall of the Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BS.

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Constable Macdonald (m) - small role, solid policeman
Mrs Wilberforce (f) - lead role, sweet old lady and potential target for the killers
Professor Marcus (m) - lead role, middle-aged/elderly academic, sinister, leader of the gang
Major Courtney (m)* - major role, blustering ex-army major and closet transvestite
Harry Robinson (m) - major role, young spiv
One-Round (m) - major role, former boxer, strong and physically imposing
Louis Harvey (m)* - major role, foreign hitman
Mrs Tromleyton (f) - small role, elderly  firiend of Mrs Wilberforce

Mrs Wilberforce's guests - small walk on roles, no lines [we may or may not do this, depending on interest]

You will see from the above that there are normally 6 male roles and two female roles; we are prepared to shake that up a bit, both roles marked with an * could, in our view, be played by women (and our minds are open on nearly all possibilities), so don't be put off auditioning thinking it is virtually an all male play.